How to do SEO?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search engine optimization or SEO is a procedure to get the online visibility of a website in the organic results on web search engine. SEO examines the search engine behavior by analyzing the programmed algorithms, keywords used in the search engine, type of search engine preferred by the users and how the search engine works.

SEO is based on two factors-

  • On-page optimization– on-page optimization takes care of the designing and makeover section to improve the ranking of a website which includes- keyword frequency, headings, meta tags, meta description, a structure of the website, links, content etc.
  • Off-page optimization- off-page optimization takes care of all the features away from the website starting from the ways of promoting the website in different platforms to improve its ranking in web search engine. It includes-

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Managing Backlinks– to manage backlinks various procedures are there like directory submissions, article submissions, social media marketing, forums submissions, link exchange, guest blogging, classified posting etc.

Search Engine Optimization is a very crucial part and plays an important role in taking the website on the first position by taking care of the basics of SEO carefully.

A few years ago, SEO is just to make your website in a structured format which is accepted to web search engine. But nowadays SEO is not about just making the website search engine friendly but, it must be user-friendly too.

It requires both elements, creative as well as technical to attract traffic, to improve rankings on web servers and to create awareness by generating non-paid results. And all the above things are possible if the way of doing marketing by creating links is done in a unique manner which not only attracts traffic but also adds value to the website.

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